Charge Up Your People!

27 Ways to Boost Performance

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Charge Up Your People!

27 Ways to Boost Performance

  • Your Financials

    businsses plans, budget(s), cash flow

  • Quoting, Costing & Pricing

    quoting, costing, pricing stategies, supplier selection & purchasing

  • Your Customers

    customer focus & service, project & program management

  • Safety & the Environment

    safety program, accidents & claims management, work refusals & stoppages, environment program

  • Quality

    quality responsibility, “too much” quality, quality awareness, supplier quality

  • Business Systems & Certifications

    importance & steps to business certification, minimum quality procedures

  • Production

    scheduling, deliveries, inventory accuracy, bills of material, workplace organization, data collection

  • Maintenance

    reactive vs preventative maintenance, preventative maintenance plan, who does & when preventative maintenance is completed, spare parts

  • Security

    • physical building / office security, network / cyber security
  • An Introduction to Continuous Improvements

    methodologoes & priorities, employee continuous improvement programs

  • Your Continuous Improvement Strategies

    measurables, process mapping, automation, research & development, lessons learned database


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